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:: about
My intention is to simplify the way of installing a custom Linux-Kernel for unexperienced or new users of the major Distributions (e.g. Suse or Fedora). Bugs, exploits and buffer overflows are discovered fast by the community but the distributors are sometimes very slow when it comes to offering a new version of the kernel. Users of old versions of some Distributions don’t even get a new Kernel from their Distributor, so they are forced to compile their own Kernel if they want to keep their system secure and up to date. For security purposes it is highly recommended to have a recent kernel installed.
This Script is reported to be working with all new Versions of 2.4 and 2.6 of the Linux Kernel. Right now Kernelscript won’t take away the steps of configuring the Kernel itself! This is planned to be an integrated feature of future Versions of my Script.

:: howtoYou only have to do some simple steps to get your new custom Kernel up and running. Download the kernelscript from here and save it into a directory of your choice (e.g. your home directory)
Fire up a Terminalemulator of your choice. (e.g. Konsole, gnome-terminal, xterm or Eterm)

Change your login to root:
steffen@linux: ~> suchange to the directory where you saved the script and decompress it:
root@linux: ~> cd /path/to/kernelscript
root@linux: ~> tar xvzf kernelscript-0.4.0.tar.gzcd into the newly created subdirectory:
root@linux: ~> cd kernelscript-0.4.0/now you can start the kernelscript by typing:
root@linux: ~> sh ./

:: download


:: changelog

kernelscript 0.4.0 Changelog

:: version-0.4 — (18.6.2006)
fix Problem with kernel Versions (length)
update kernel with patches (not fully supported)

:: version-0.3.9 — (21.4.2006)
fix kernel informations
add update-grub
patch system removed

:: version-0.3.8
patch system added with -ac and -mm (experience)
some fixes

:: version-0.3.7
dialog interface

:: version-0.3.6
changes build in 2.4 series

:: version-0.3.5
kernel 2.6.11 supported
root user checking
automatic version update

:: version-0.3.3
kernel 2.4.29 supported

:: version-0.3.2
resume failed downloads
kernel 2.6.10 supported

:: version-0.3.1
kernel 2.6.9 supported
kernel 2.4.28 supported
small bootloader howto
removed rpm build

:: version-0.3.0
kernel supported
kernelscript goto one script
build rpm included *BETA

:: version-0.2.9
old config can choose

:: version-0.2.8
kernel 2.6.7 supported

:: version-0.2.7
kernel 2.4.26 supported

:: version-0.2.6
initrd final
kernel 2.6.5 supported

:: version-0.2.6-test
initrd fixed already again

:: version-0.2.5
A correct selection menu
The Script cannot be broken off

:: version-0.2.2
A fixed of the Initrd

:: version-0.2.1
Kernel 2.6.4 is supported

:: version-0.2
Menu was simplified

:: version-0.0.1
Primary system stands

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